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step #1

Get Preapproved For A Loan
Starting the journey to homeownership involves getting preapproved for a loan, a crucial step that estimates your buying range and signals to sellers your serious intent, making you stand out in competitive markets. To ready yourself for this important financial step, improve your credit score, save for a down payment, and reduce your debt-to-income ratio. These actions not only aid in getting preapproved but also smooth the path to purchasing your dream home.

step #2

Start your home search

Exploring different properties is one of the most engaging aspects of the homebuying process. You'll have the opportunity to view a variety of homes within your budget, offering a comprehensive education in real estate. This journey through homes of various sizes, conditions, and designs is crucial in finding the perfect match for your needs. The number of properties you should consider depends on your preferences, the characteristics of the neighborhood, and current market conditions. Our role is to streamline this process, filtering out properties that don't align with your criteria and highlighting those that do, ensuring your time is spent efficiently. During showings, focus on the property's curb appeal, layout, and amenities. Taking notes and asking questions will help us better understand your preferences. We also ask for your consideration towards the homeowners, who may be present.

step #3

Submitting offers

Once you've chosen a home to purchase, the next step is to make an offer. In a competitive market, you may need to bid above the asking price, but it's crucial to remain within a realistic budget. Your offer needs to be attractive enough to grab the seller's attention. We'll then put this offer in writing and submit it to the seller's agent, usually accompanied by an earnest money deposit to show your commitment. The seller can accept, decline, or counteroffer, leading to negotiations to adjust the contract to meet your needs. The purchase agreement for a single-family home is typically standardized, detailing your intent to buy and forming a legal commitment once accepted by the seller.

step #4

Inspections / Appraisal / Loan

After your offer is accepted, promptly schedule a property inspection with a licensed inspector, considering additional specialized evaluations as needed. We can suggest qualified inspectors for these detailed checks.

Stay in touch with your lender for any extra documents needed for your loan application and to ensure the property's appraisal aligns with financing requirements. This appraisal assesses the property's value based on size, costs, and market trends.

You're responsible for obtaining home insurance and providing proof to your lender before closing. An attorney, serving as the closing agent, will manage the escrow deposit and review the property's title to ensure no issues at closing. Be aware of any property restrictions, easements, or encroachments that could affect your ownership.

step #5


The final walk-through, typically held on closing day, allows the buyer to verify the property is clean, in the same condition as when the offer was made, and that any agreed-upon repairs are completed.

At closing, if all preparations are complete, taking ownership should be a smooth and joyful process. This meeting involves the seller, their agent, and representatives from the lending and title companies to officially transfer the property title to you. The Purchase and Sale contract outlines the property details, price, payment method, and the closing details.

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Robin Hira AvatarRobin H.
My husband and I are absolutely grateful that we chose The Real Estate Dudes to sell our home. Konrad was our agent and was upfront and honest on what exactly needed to be done to sell our home in a quick and efficient manner. He was always available to assist and guide us through any difficult situations, and his marketing skills were tremendous along with his ability to understand the market that led use to multiple offers and getting 10% more than the asking price. What we most appreciated about Konrad is that he never told us what we wanted to hear he just told us the TRUTH!
Donald Hira - 3/02/2024 
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Babcia AvatarBabcia
Konrad is the most amazing and the best to work with. He was wonderful to work with. Konrad did an incredible job helping us sell our house. He was always available to talk to us and offered excellent advice. Thank you! We highly recommend using The Real Estate Dudes.
Anna - 2/14/2024 
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Mark Trubisz AvatarMark T.
I’d give them 6 stars if I could. Konrad knocked it out of the park with our home sale. We had a few unique circumstances that made our sale a little more difficult than the average, but Konrad was more than happy to take on the challenge and made it happen. Great communication and always available for calls or quick questions. This man puts in 110% and is a miracle worker with his photography and walk through video skills which are extremely helpful these days when online pictures are your first impression. Buying and selling a home are one of the biggest life events, so save yourself the stress and anxiety and just trust the real estate dudes to handle everything for you. - 10/04/2022 
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Konrad Gil AvatarKonrad G.
Great selling experience with plenty of very helpful advice. I strongly recommend working with Konrad and Piotr - The Realestate Dudes. They will walk extra mile to make your house dream come true regardless buying or selling. - 3/17/2023 
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Andrew Prescott AvatarAndrew P.
Enjoy the podcast. Very entertaining and educational. - 1/24/2023 
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Milton Serrano AvatarMilton S.
This is the best realtor in Ct If you want sell your house Dude’s realtor the # 1 - 2/24/2023 
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ryszard Galej Avatarryszard G.
We had the pleasure of working with Peter for our recent home purchase, and couldn't be more impressed. His professionalism and attention to detail were evident from the very beginning. He was incredibly responsive to all of our inquiries and kept us informed throughout the entire process. His deep knowledge of the market helped us secure the perfect property within our budget. We highly recommend Peter and the Real Estate Dudes to anyone looking for a reliable and dedicated agent! Thank you again for the smooth process! - 1/29/2024 
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Jim Otis AvatarJim O.
Great Marketing of home, including Ariel views! Would recommend! - 12/24/2022 
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