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Kelly C. AvatarKelly C.

Whether you are buying or selling, OVI Team will take great care of you. - 8/25/2019 

user3209586 Avataruser3209586

Not only did Piotr sell our house in 4 days, he didn't complain when we asked for showings on close to 100 homes. Once we found a property, he was on top of his game putting the offer through and helping our closing go as smooth as possible. - 2/02/2020 

Travis M. AvatarTravis M.

Knowledgeable, professional, kind and competent! The OVI Team are hands down the best when it comes to buying and selling and all things Real Estate. Strongly recommend! - 8/25/2019 

Ewa L. AvatarEwa L.

These two are quite the team.
Piotr had our (old) house under contract four days after listing it for sale! Timely, professional, and very personable. Not afraid to put in work needed to sell your house- from marketing to an open house, all was done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend working with him! - 1/24/2020 

Karissa D. AvatarKarissa D.

Always pleasure working with Peter + Konrad! - 6/13/2019 

Mike H. AvatarMike H.

The Ovi Team is the best in the business at what they do. It’s so nice knowing that I have a fellow colleague that I can refer business to and know, without a doubt, that the client will be taken care of with “white glove” service. Their knowledge and professionalism is second to none. You will be blown away by their service too - 4/22/2019 

Ania L. AvatarAnia L.

I had the pleasure to meet with Ovi Team -Peter and Konrad. From start to finish they were very responsive, kind, and a constant professional. Very trustworthy agents with great knowledge of the surrounding area..Their greatest attribute? They listen and ask through provoking questions, which ensures you get what you really want. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Ovi Team . - 6/14/2019 

Ewa L. AvatarEwa L.

If you're looking to sell, these are your guys! Piotr had our house under contract just a few days after listing it for sale! Timely, professional, but also fun and personable- the mix you want when going through what may be a stressful time buying or selling. Highly recommend. - 1/24/2020 

Nick S. AvatarNick S.

If you are looking for hard working real estate agents that know how to get the job done you need to call these guys. They are absolutely amazing and I cannot be happier with the service they have provided me:) Customer for life! - 6/13/2019 

Mizuho A. AvatarMizuho A.

Piotr (AKA Peter) was a perfect fit, because he listened to us and our needs. He knew that we had a very tight deadline and adjusted his very busy schedule to accommodate us sometimes with less than a day notice. Even though we were looking at particular area, we spread our search out and he was... - 6/10/2019 

Aracellie D. AvatarAracellie D.

Konrad was a joy to work with! He showed me lots of houses so I had great choices to work with. Konrad also understood and worked with my time frame, responding quickly to all queries. My experience was great from start to finish, thanks to him. I highly recommend Konrad!! - 5/28/2020 

Ela K. AvatarEla K.

Thanks to Konrad and Piotr we were able to get the top $$$ for our house. Our house sold within 2 days and 10 offers to pick from.

Their preparations, from a professional photographer, virtual tour to 365 video, not to mention the drone video were an absolute hit.

Konrad and Peter are more than full time real estate agents who are passioned about real estate. They listen, they deliver and sell within hours. Total professionals that focus on honesty and results. Highly recommended!!! - 6/30/2020