006: Creative Lead Gen Techniques + Educating The Millenial Market with Shawn Toussaint


What are some creative ways to generate leads? How different are Millenials when it comes to real estate? In this episode, we talk to Shawn Toussaint, mortgage loan officer at NorthStar Home Loans, about Educating the Millenial Market.

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Topics we talked about:

  • How Shawn got into mortgage business.
  • What is lead generation?
  • How important is lead gen to your business?
  • Old way vs new way of generating leads.
  • Social Media
  • Are Millenials responsible with money?

Books/apps/tools mentioned:

  • Instagram

Guest contact info:

Shawn Toussaint has been in the mortgage industry for about 4 years. He is committed to providing a personable home buying experience to both first time and repeat buyers with all varieties of credit. Shawn lives in Coventry, CT with his Fiancé, Sydney and their dog, Reese. His desire to help families achieve the American dream makes him a great loan officer partner, putting you and your family in the best hands to walk you through the process from start to finish, quickly and stress free.
IG: @stoussaintmtg
FB: Shawn Toussaint