002: Things You Should Know Before Applying For Mortgage with Paul Ramoya


Paul Ramoya, Mortgage Development Officer at Santander Bank, tells us about things you should know before applying for mortgage. What’s a credit score, how to prepare financially, things you should or should not do, and what to watch out for, before you even start thinking about buying a house.

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Topics we talked about:

  • When Paul started working in mortgage business
  • How mortgage rates changed over years
  • Things to do before you even start thinking about buying a house.
  • Process of getting a mortgage
  • Pre-approval vs pre-qualification
  • Credit score and how it affects you
  • Mistakes people make before getting a mortgage
  • What people think they can afford vs what they really can afford
  • Ten Commandments of buying a home:

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  • Facebook Messenger

Guest contact info:

Paul Ramoya
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Ramoya